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Hvac Maintenance Riverside: Fixing the common HVAC issues

Fixing the common HVAC issues
An HVAC system is in place to make the people comfortable. But, problems in the system can affect its efficiency and performance and even trigger health issues in the long run. Given below are some of the HVAC issues and tips to fix them.
How can you fix the HVAC issues?
  • Restricted air flow: If you feel that the airflow is restricted and the ventilation is not enough, the problem could be clogged air filters. These filters usually collect the dust particles from the HVAC unit. But if they are overloaded, the airflow becomes restricted. You can solve this issue by replacing the filter once in awhile. But if the internal components are also affected, you may hire the Air conditioning replacement Riverside services to solve the issue.
  • Leaking ducts: Sometimes, the drain pans overflow when the humidity levels increase rapidly. When the HVAC system is not used for long duration, the ice melts and water flows out of the unit. When this continues, the water can affect the surrounding walls which should be prevented. Hire HVAC maintenance Riverside experts to check the HVAC unit periodically. They can find out if there is excess water in the system and identify signs of disconnected ducts.
  • Heat pump runs continuously: If the heat pump is running continuously even with a mild condition outside, you may suspect a problem with the component itself. This can be solved by removing external influences like ice or insulating the outdoor unit. Cleaning and servicing the heat pump is also a good idea if the HVAC unit is old. In addition, also check for any gaps in the unit’s ductwork that forces the heat to escape the system.
  • System failing to cool: In the summer months when the air conditioner is used regularly, you may find that it no longer cools the air properly. The problem is often low refrigerant. Without the refrigerant, the heat cannot be drawn from the air that passes through the unit. This lowers the efficiency of the air conditioner making it expel warm air. The problem is often due to a leak which can be easily repaired by taking help from Air conditioning services Riverside.
Not every problem of the HVAC unit can be solved by you. It is recommended to avail the maintenance services once in awhile so that the possible issues can be detected and avoided in time.

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